Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | September 16, 2012

Stop and Smell These Flowers – Thorny Rose Cabernet and Red Blend Are Both Well Worth The 10 Spot

Earlier this week while recuperating from the birth of our second daughter one of our visitors kindly thought enough of our plight to bring the new mom and dad a few bottles of fun red wine from Washington’s Columbia Valley. Now, truth be told, I have had mixed feelings about budget reds from Columbia Valley in the past – but this week’s bottles have brought me back into the fold.

Both the 2009 Thorny Rose Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and “Red Blend” come in at about $10 a bottle and pack a superb value into each of the screw capped bottles.

The Cabernet has smooth strawberry and blackberry finishes that round out each glass and taste like a $15 dollar bottle that goes with just about any meal (we enjoyed it with a great pizza). The “Red Blend” is even smoother than its pure Cabernet sister with just the right depth of black cherry and mouthy tannins that make the bottle both an enjoyable red as well as a superb summer wine that is not too fat yet not too limp – the perfect middle ground vino for just about every red wine drinker. Enjoy!

-Dallas Lawrence



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