What’s a Cork Scrooge?

Tired of buying the latest two buck chuck knock off only to find out your dog won’t even drink the swill? Well, now you don’t have to drink another terrible bottle of budget red wine again. Red wines from around the world under $15 are tasted and reviewed so you don’t have to (it’s a tough job we know!). Got a request? Send it in and we will pop the cork and share the verdict.

Wine reviews won’t waste your time with “rich notes of espresso and apple…” comments. We aren’t corking cellar wines folks, they are drinkable right now on a budget. They either went right down the sink after the initial review or were entirely enjoyable as an everyday wine.



  1. What do you think about berringer’s brand wine?

    • which bottling? I have found memories of the winery back in its golden days in the 90’s. Havnt had a bottle in a while. do yopu have one in particular you like?

  2. Because I love it!

  3. LOVE YOUR SITE! And I agree with you completely. I want to link to your site from mine, because in these difficult days, it is hard to open up the cherished “cellar wine” for an everyday drinker. My wine club had a Trader Joe’s tasting last week (no, not 2BC), and were surprised at some of the prices and quality. I’ll let you know when the review is up. Found you on FB, by the way.

    • Thanks for the note! Link away! How did you organize the Trader Joes club? Sounds like a great evening.

      • The local TJ’s has regular wine tastings, and now that Total Wine has opened a mega store, a lot of the local wine retailers are being very generous in some of their offerings (competition is always a good thing!) I just asked the pourer if he could do this, and it turned out to be a great event for everyone. One of the participants bought an entire case of the one of the wines so that he and his wife could have a “daily drinker”!

      • I will have to Hit my TJ wine guy up!

  4. Cheers – nice post!

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