Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | May 5, 2010

A Pretty Damn “Goode” California Cabernet For Around $11

This past Saturday while out in Southern California for a brief vacation with the family I had the opportunity to experience what a grocery store wine isle is supposed to look like: hundreds of different bottles all competitively priced in an attempt to grab the attention of casual shoppers stuffing their carts with hamburger meat, toothpaste and powdered donuts (ok, this was just what I had in my cart – but you get the point).

Having lived on the East Coast for the past ten years I have become accustomed to the over-priced mass produced twenty bottle selection offered by most markets in our area and found myself staring at the vast array of wines now laid out before me like a kid in a candy store.

Not having much time to shop, I quickly grabbed two California Cabs on sale and headed home. The 2007 Murphy-Goode “California” Cabernet was the first cork to pop once I got home and let me tell you, I was damn near shocked at how drinkable and tasty this wine was immediately from the bottle.

The dry, mouth-grabbing sensations of cherry – and to a lesser extent blackberry – you would expect from a California Cab are on full display with this $11 bottle. About fifteen minutes into my tasting the wine lost a bit of the dryness, replaced with a more fruit forward – yet still entirely enjoyable – flavor.

Honestly, this wine was superb directly from the bottle and very nice as the evening wore on. Not to be confused with the winery’s more expensive “Alexander Valley Cabernet” bottling priced at around $18, the 2007 “California” Cabernet is an exceptional deal for those looking for a nice bottle of wine for dinner, happy hour or family gathering. The “California” bottling (Note: the picture is of the “Alexander Valley” vintage as I forgot to snap a shot of the bottle, the only difference in the labels are the words “Alexander Valley” which are replcaed with the word “California” for this bottling) is their discount bottle and is not available from the winery, or for that matter even referenced on their website. This wine has been produced for the wide retail market and is most likely to be found on the shelves of your local Albertsons (where I found it) or other large grocery retailers.

It is well worth tracking down the next time you find yourself on a grocery run.


  1. Sounds like a truly great find. I’m adding it to my list of wines to try. Thanks for sharing the good information about your Goode experience, Dallas!

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