Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | February 11, 2010

Redemption! 2006 Chateau Ste Michelle Syrah

Washington State’s oldest winery – dating back more than seventy five years to just after the repeal of prohibition in 1934 – and I have not been on the best of terms lately. As you may recall, I reviewed their Columbia Valley Cabernet earlier this month and found the wine to be totally unimpressive.

So it was with some trepidation that we popped the cork on the 2006 Chateau Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Syrah. Boy what a difference a grape makes. 

This Syrah was everything their Cabernet was not. Out of the bottle, this wine had a very pleasant aroma and the first glass brought a great wave of jammy flavors that quickly mellowed into a smooth and entirely enjoyable wine. The second glass, still slightly chilled, was as good as the first.

For around $10 a bottle, the Chateau Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Syrah makes a perfect choice for your next dinner party. Great with almost any meat, it will please your big cab fans, fulfill the wants of the monster zin crowd and offer a nice alternative for your pinot noir regulars.

2006 Chateau Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Syrah offers redemption for a storied Washington winery and has convinced me to loosen the wallet and try another bottling in the future. We will pop that cork sometime later this month. Until then, enjoy.



  1. I can’t wait to go get it and try it! Will let you know what I think. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • thanks for the feedback! I hope you enjoy it.

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