Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | June 20, 2012

A Killer 92 Point Tempranillo for 9 Bucks

Occasionally, after sifting through bottle after bottle of mediocre budget reds and suffering through glass after glass of toe curling-bad wine, something special in the super value category comes along. And when that rare bird does appear, you know you need to stock up quickly because the little treasure won’t stay below the radar for long.

The Viña Eguía 2007 Reserva Tempranillo (Rioja) is one of those special deals. The intriguing budget wine packs one heck of a tannin filled, lick the roof of your mouth punch.

When I first picked up the bottle at the store and read the winemakers notes, I was a little confused and a good bit skeptical. What in the world, I thought, did “deep complexity of ripe red fruits, spices, tobacco and liquorice” possible mean? Was I about to drink a black licorice cigarette? I had no idea what to expect. Then, I cracked the 07 open and found my senses surprised and delighted by a truly enjoyable, different, complex and tasty super value red.

The 2007 was ranked as one of Wine Enthusiasts Top 100 wines of the past year for good reason and can be had for less than ten bucks. If you don’t run down to Costco or your nearest wine store to snatch up this perfectly tempered tempranillo you are definitely missing out.


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