Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | December 28, 2010

Happy New Year! – A California Cabernet For Less Than $3!

For those of you who worship at the idle of two buck chuck, tonight’s review will change your world. I can honestly say that this wine review is the single cheapest wine I have ever tasted that did not make my tongue twitch, my throat burn and my eyes water in agony.

The 2009 Doña Sol Cabernet Sauvignon is nothing special – other than the fact that it offers and entirely drinkable glass of wine at a supreme bargain basement price. This wine is currently on sale at Big Lots retail stores for $3 a bottle and can be found widely online and at other bargain retailers for as little as $2.5 a bottle.

Doña Sol is part of the family of labels from the Bronco Wine Company, the US’s fourth largest producer of wine. Bronco is the brainchild of brothers Fred and Joe Franzia who attended Santa Clara University and hence chose the school mascot for the company moniker. How are they able to make a wine that won’t peel paint or burn the rust off of a penny for less than $3? Amongst the more than 30 brands they label under you will find their budget wine credentials securely in hand with the launch of Charles Shaw (Two Buck Chuck). To be sure, these guys know how to make cheap wine.

However, in the case of the Doña Sol you don’t have to risk sterilizing your taste buds in the process. The 2009 fills each glass with a deep ruby-red colored fruit forward wine with strong cherry flavors that round out each pour. For less than $3 this wine can’t be beat and at $36 a case, it makes the perfect wine for your next party. Enjoy!


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