Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | September 5, 2010

Support a Great Cause with an enjoyable glass of Newman’s Own 2007 California Cabernet Sauvignon

Paul Newman and his brand of consumer items have become staples in almost every salad grocery isle of the past few years. The “Newman’s Own” brand has raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars for charity and lives on after the actor’s passing as a truly wonderful legacy.

In recent years the pioneering philanthropist decided to begin bottling something other than dressing and his decision is our good fortune. The 2007 California Cabernet is an incredibly smooth bottle of wine. For around $9 at your local grocer, each glass is filled with light currant and dark cherry flavors that don’t fall victim to the over fruitiness impacting so many value Cabernet’s these days.

Newman’s Own Cabernet is produced and bottled through a joint venture with St. Helena based Rebel Wine Company, a partnership between the “Three Thieves” and “Trinchero Family” vineyards. According to the bottler, the grapes for the Cabernet are sourced from throughout California’s wine producing coastal regions – including Napa, Sonoma and San Luis Obispo.

Aged in French and American oak, the wine held together nicely throughout our 30 minute tasting. To be sure, this is not a powerhouse California cab. But, for around $9 your glass will taste all the sweeter knowing you are supporting a very worthy cause.


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