Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | April 18, 2010

Not All Malbecs Are Created Equal: Some Really Suck

Unfortunately for my fellow Malbec fans out there, one thing has become alarmingly clear in the past few months – not all value Malbecs are alike.

In fact, while some are downright delicious and a bargain at the sub $15 range, a great many blatantly poorly made Argentinean wines are cashing in on the Malbec craze and are flooding the market with super value, sub-par bottles that do a great disservice to the reputation of their quality sister offerings.

Sadly, this is the case with the most recent Malbec I corked this weekend. The 2008 Las Perdices Malbec was just a disappointment in nearly every way. Where one would hope for tight, lightly spiced flavors of cherry, plum and raspberry, the Las Perdices falls completely flat.

The best summation of this wine comes from my wife Sarah who gave it one sip and said “this is pretty bad”. I could not agree more. For around $12 a bottle there are far better Malbecs on the market today worthy of your time and investment.


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