Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | March 1, 2010

A French Malbec Discovers It’s Never Too Late To Go Home Again

While most vinophiles have become familiar with many of the value Malbec’s sprouting up from Argentina these days, few have made the pilgrimage following the grape back home to where it first debuted more than 2,000 years ago.

Far from South America, Malbec first made its name in the French wine industry as one of the five approved grapes for blending into the country;s far more famous Bordeaux wines. And today, with the explosive popularity of the Malbec, French wine makers have rushed to join the parade of producers importing the wine to the States. Never missing an opportunistic moment to exploit anything, the French are now producing and exporting a number of very nice value Malbec’s that have become widely available in the U.S.

Some of the most interesting French Malbec’s are sourced from the Cahors appellation, located in the “département of Lot”, which can be found within the greater Quercy region of France. It is from this region that I discovered a very nice $11 bottle of Malbec during my recent sojourn to Total Wine & More.

The 2005 Atrium George Vigouroux Malbec lets you know right away that it has all the Je ne sais quoi one would expect from the French. A deep ruby red color and a pleasant nose guide you into one of the smoothest Malbec’s you will find for the price. If you are familiar with this grape’s Argentinean cousins you may be shocked at just how smooth this wine is right out of the bottle. Rather than mellow, the wine actually clenches down a bit and becomes dryer, though still pleasant, after the first 5-10 minutes. While I enjoyed all three glasses of the Atrium during a 2 hour period, my favorite glass was poured seconds after popping the cork. The lesson here: drink this wine straight from the bottle slightly chilled and you can’t go wrong.

Whether you prefer a nice South American Malbec, a French Bordeaux or a Napa Valley Syrah, you will enjoy the 2005 Atrium Georges Vigouroux.



  1. can you add a feature to your blog where we can do a quick search of all the good value, must try wines? seriously, i will make my wine shopping list based on your recommendations. ~w

    • great idea! i will try and add that this weekend. glad you like the recs!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Atrium. George Vigouroux also makes an excellent value white from the Gascogne region called Pigmentum Gascogne Blanc. It’s a blend of Ugni Blanc (60%) and Colombard (40%) grapes. Crisp, floral and refreshing, it always makes me think of a sunny, spring day. Runs around $9.99.
    Greg Tuttle
    Wine Operations Manager
    Twitter: @Total_Wine

    • I will have to pick it up. You all have great wine advisors at the Mclean store – very helpful!

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