Posted by: Dallas Lawrence | January 29, 2010

WOW! 2006 Nine Points Meritage Scores A Perfect 10!

While perhaps it was the joy of kicking back and opening a bottle of wine at the end of a long week, I was pleasantly and thoroughly surprised by the 2006 Nine Points Sonoma County Meritage that we opened, and finished, this evening.

If you have not heard of Nine Points before, you can be forgiven for having missed this Napa Valley secret. Even with my security clearance (thank you US Navy), it was next to impossible to find any information out about this winery online. They do not have a website, and they do not advertise or sell direct online. And here is the reason: Nine Points is the little discussed step child of its far more renowned parent Stags Leap Winery.

The 2006 Meritage was superb right out of the bottle. A wonderfully smooth initial impression is quickly replaced by a tasty, dry and jammy aftertaste that will remind you more of a nice Napa Cab than a discount label Sonoma Meritage. This wine could easily be mistaken for being $25 to $30 or more per bottle. It is on sale now at Safeway for $12 and is easily one of the best everyday wines I have come across in a long time.



  1. […] nearly $13, one would expect a tighter, better crafted Cabernet. This wine is so fruity, as my wife says, “you could drink an entire bottle of it like cool aide […]

  2. I picked up a bottle of the Nine Points Meritage at Safeway this weekend – WOW – what a great wine and value!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Javier! It’s a great value – give the Alamos Malbec a try next time you are in the isle – I think you will like it as well! Cheers

  3. Oh my!!! Even better than I expected! Had the Nine Points Napa Cab the night before. Both of these were wonderful! This Meritage has a wonderful Cab finish! Don’t miss out trying this exceptional bargin!

    • Thanks for the feedback. good stuff isnt it?

  4. Just enjoyed our first bottle of the 2006 Nine Points Meritage and were intrigued and satisfied by it. Could not stop sniffing it — apricot? raspberry? cinnamon? A MOST tasty bottle of wine (from Safeway in Seattle). Will definitely buy more.

    • Glad you liked it! it is one of my favorites! Have you tried the Alamos Malbec yet?

      • No, haven’t tried the Alamos Malbec, but will — thanks for the tip. Another red I like is Rodney Strong Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (2008, I think). Have you tried it?

  5. I’ve been drinking the Nine Points Meritage since I first found it over a year ago and keep going back for more. Excellent value that holds its own compared to many more expensive offerings.

  6. We are having a couple bottles tonite with a pork roast for Christmas. Safeway is the best place to find Stag’s Leap offerings since their headquarters is about 40 miles from Napa.

    • thanks for the post and the good tip! i hope your meal was great!

  7. […] is an offshoot of the well-regarded Stags Leap winery. Reviews around the Web have been quite good. The Cork Scrooge comments, “This wine could easily be mistaken for being $25 to $30 or more per bottle.” […]

  8. I liked this wine a lot too. Oddly, I didn’t care for it straight from the bottle, but after a bit of air… wow! I’m going to try to track down some more, if I can locate it. Foolishly, I failed to record where I bought the first bottle. I’m guessing I might find it at Randall’s, a Safeway-operated chain. My comments on the wine: Nine Points Meritage 2006.


  9. Is it Stag’s or Stags’ stepchild? I am trying to locate this wine for Arizona, any ideas?

    • the nine points is now in the 2008 vintage i think., i just tried it last night, it was still very good.

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